Casella Rosemary

This lovely Lake Como, village appartment, closely overlooks the lake. A wonderful setting for any holiday.


Situated in heart of the charming quiet village Brienno, easy walking distance to bars, restaurants and shops. And just a 30 minutes drive from Como city center.

The southern alps form a background to the deepest lake in Italy.
Traces of ancient civilisations lie on the shores, Roman designs determine the shape of towns and churches and castles abound from the middle ages, and villas and gardens from the 16th - 19th centuries. Magnifcant and diverse gardens have been created on the lake shores and vineyards, olive groves and palm trees.

Locally caught fish are a delicacy and feather light cakes and pastries are a speciality. Como is also famous for its fine silks.

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Apartment Features:

-Double bedroom
-Dining/sitting room
-Large balconey

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